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This service is for landlords who wish Star Lettings and Property Management Ltd to oversee the day to day running of their property. From moving in to vacating, everything is covered, no worries required.

Let Only

This service is for landlords who have experience and are available on a day to day basis to care for their property and tenants however require Star Lettings and Property Management Ltd to assist in finding tenants and setting up a tenancy. Rent collection only. Let only service but includes rent collection during the duration of the tenancy.

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Advert on website only, you do the rest - please email us for further information.

* This is for advertising your property or room only on our website
* Star Lettings and Property Management Ltd will have the final word on the advertising.
* We will not accept duplicate adverts.
* You are solely responsible for your advert and the information that you submit. Any consequent activity after this time is solely your responsibility. At no point do we accept liability for any negligence on your behalf, any fraudulent wording or act, you agree not to hold us responsible for anything content you post.                                                                                                                                                                                              * This service is for Residential Properties only            

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Individual services, pick and mix, help where you need it. See our full list of RESIDENTIAL and STUDENT services.

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